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Creative Mornings

Chris and Krissie Holifield

October 26, 8:30am – 10:00am MDT. Hosted at Industrious

Part of a series on Honesty

Free tickets available 
Nice! Tickets are available for this event.


Krissie and Chris Holifield are the co-hosts of the I am Salt Lake podcast. On top of her co-hosting duties Krissie is the designer for the podcast. After moving from Wisconsin and dabbling in stand up comedy, Krissie joined forces with Chris Holifield to showcase the inspiring people in Salt Lake City. Even though he was born and raised in California, Chris will always call Utah home. Self taught in the podcasting world, Chris produces the podcast, and believes everyone should have an opportunity to share their story. Together they live in Salt Lake City with their daughter Lucy.

Top 5 Graphic Design Podcast


On an average day at the office, I’m in from of my computer for hours, typically with my headphones on. Listening to anything helps the time fly as I’m pushing those pixels around. I’m always curious as to what other designers listen to that helps them pass the time. As for me it’s either catching up on my latest TV shows and movies, or listening to a few graphic design podcasts.

The following are my top 5 (in no specific order) podcast geared towards design. These are my go to graphic design podcasts that help me to stay current and in the know on the design industry.

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