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SLCC at 2017 Pride Parade

From SLCC:

“Dozens of Salt Lake Community College staff, faculty, students and their family members donned t-shirts with #IAMSLCC printed in a rainbow of colors across the front for the 2017 Pride Parade in Salt Lake City.”

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SLCC at the Pride Parade

Pride Mix

Sunday, June 5, 2016

SLCC won Third Place / Academic Marchers in the annual Pride Parade held in Salt Lake City on Sunday. Part of the SLCC’s Vision, Mission & Values is Inclusivity – “We seek to cultivate an environment of respect and empathy, advanced by diverse cultures and perspectives.”

This year’s parade featured Mayor Jackie Biskupski, SLC’s first openly gay mayor. And… SLCC was well represented by numerous students, faculty, staff, friends and family. VAD Graphic Design alumnus Austin Record, owner of Austin Record Graphics, designed the t-shirts worn by SLCC participants. Austin is also a Technician II Graphic Designer for SLCC Academic & Career Advising.

From Austin Record:

“SLCC joined the Pride Parade this year and won 3rd place among the academic marchers. It is an honor that my design contributed to this achievement. The design was a combination of ideas from Shellie Jo Enscoe, who is in charge of the Multicultural Department, and Jan Coleman, who is the Marketing Manager, and my artistic abilities. The only requirement was to have the hashtag and the school logo. Since the shirt was to be tie-dye the challenge was to make sure that the hashtag was legible. It’s exciting to know that this design turned out to be a blazing success.”

Congratulations Austin and SLCC for participating in this year’s Pride Parade.

PP Tshirt art

Photos courtesy of SLCC Institutional Marketing.