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NEWS: Hello and Welcome to the FALL 2012 Semester!

New to INK?

INK SLCC is an AIGA student group that strives to help members get off on the right foot in their design and art careers. We encourage creative and professional growth by providing access to information, resources, advice, critiques, portfolio reviews, activities and an environment to create genuine connections with other visual art students and creative professionals. As the official AIGA student group at SLCC, we are also your direct link to the information and events available to AIGA members.

There are several ways you can participate:

    • In Class DiscussionsIf you’re enrolled in Advanced Typography and Layout with our advisor, Kerry Gonzales, you will be seeing us often for in class discussions. In these visits, we are going to talk about everything from how to get your design career started and what classes to take, to finding new resources and ideas, how to stay inspired and current on design trends.
    • INKslcc.com
      On our website: inkslcc.com, we make regular posts about upcoming design events, job listings and internships, tutorials, competitions and all sorts of other useful information for new designers.
    • Critiques
      Through the site we also hold online critiques which allow you to post your work for valuable feedback and help others grow by commenting on their work. Critiques are essential to the growth of a designer and participation is highly encouraged.
    • Collaboration
      INK members can also use the group to find other like-minded individuals for project collaborations. For example, a graphic designer needs to find an illustrator for a project they are working on. INK can put the word out and help the two connect.
    • Group Activities
      As a member of INK, you will also be invited to attend design and art related events with the group, such as gallery strolls, Salt Lake Design Week, AIGA events, the occasional social gathering and more. INK does not hold regularly scheduled meetings at this time, but these activities give us an opportunity to get to know each other outside of the classroom and strengthen us as a visual art and design community.

To Join:

Please go to https://inkslcc.wordpress.com/join-ink and fill out the form. We are excited for a new semester at SLCC and look forward to getting to know you!