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Chris Presents at Westminster

Chris Manfre

Chris, an alumnus of the Visual Art & Design Department at SLCC, will be speaking at Westminster College in September. Chris is the Design Mentor & In-house Graphic Designer at Spy Hop, an organization that mentors young students in the digital arts. Chris is also a guest reviewer for Associate Professor Kerry Gonzáles’ ART 2220 Advanced Design Saturday Review & Preview presentations here at Salt Lake Community College.

Congratulations Chris!

From Westminster College:
How do art and science complement each other? New developments in 3D animation and augmented reality are starting to influence science education and student engagement. This year at Westminster Thinks Big Chris Manfre talks about his journey as a multidisciplinary designer and science enthusiast.

Register at: https://westminstercollege.edu/weekend

To see more of Chris’s work: