Juliann Law – Author & Illustrator!

Juliann Law is a freelance designer/illustrator and has been an adjunct instructor at SLCC for ten years. She teaches InDesign and Photoshop as well as other Graphic Communications classes. She is now an author and illustrator of the book “The World’s Longest Sock”!

“The World’s Longest Sock” shares the world’s fiercest knitting competition in a lively book about community, cooperation, and two knitters, Nina and Chuck, who are determined to create the world’s longest sock.

The world takes sides: Team Nina or Team Chuck. But will all the pressure cause them to unravel? This yarn about a competition out of control will charm the socks off readers of all ages and knitting abilities.

Juliann has shared the process of creating this book with her students, from sketching thumbnails and layout to getting an agent and a book deal, and then painting the final artwork, her students have watched the book progress and unfold.

Kudos to Juliann for this latest accomplishment! Well done!

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