Alumni Focus: Davin, Sharon, Paul, Derek, Lacee, Cassidy, Anna, Esther, Matt, Tanja, & Jen

Davin Abegg

“Here’s more drawings I’ve done recently that I think turned out alright.”

Sharon Armstrong

“Fun sketch I did with my student this summer. We were learning how to draw portraits. It is not perfect but fun!”

Paul Asay

“Bees 6-26-21”

Derek Ballard

“One of the best films to ever grace this flawed existence was released 30 years ago today. Hard to express what this piece of entertainment means to me.”

‘This was never about the money, this was about us against the system. That system that kills the human spirit. We stand for something. We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human spirit is still alive.’

“This bandanna was my contribution for @galleries1988 #crazyforcult group show in 2018.”

Lacee Siler Black

“Happy weekend everybody ! Hope you find a good place to cool off!”

“Happy Independence Day America!! May this next year bring you peace, prosperity and stability!! Also maybe a chiller atmosphere.”

“Wishing you all a lovely, chill and fun weekend. Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!”

Cassidy Demkov

“Painted some 🌿 for The Foggy Dog botanical collection.”

Anna Florin

“New work…At the Depth You’ve Met Yourself.”

“New work…I Hope You’re Proud of Yourself.”

“New work…Thoughts Become Things.”

Esther Longmore

“I started an Instagram account for my hairloss journey and whipped up this logo for myself. What do you think?”

Matt Page

“Making packaging for my Gnolaumite Crystals.” #FutureDaySaints

Tanja Rapson Rigby

“My van design is hitting the streets! Thanks tech brothers for the shout out!”

Braden Simar

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Poster! It’s been just over fifty years since this Gene Wilder classic was released. I just happened to be working on this for that late sixties early seventies color palette and mysterious vibe. I love #alternatemovieposter, #illustration and, #chocolate and I hope to get better at three.”

Jen Terry

“Hey hey party people! I’m selling a new shirt on my Etsy page. Check out Jenonfire Design at Etsy for more awesome t-shirts or stickers.”

Brittani Takes Silver!

2021 SkillsUSA

Virtual National Leadership & Skills Conference
June 21 – 24, 2021

Congratulations to Graphic Design & Communications student Brittani Hodgkinson!

The Visual Art & Design Department of Salt Lake Community College is very proud of Brittani for bringing home the Silver Award in Advertising Design! Brittani placed second in this national contest showcasing career and technical education students. SkillsUSA conducts this contest annually as a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA serves more than 372,655 students and instructors annually.

From Brittani:

“Here is my submission for SkillsUSA nationals. I had 1.5 hours to do a technical challenge by recreating an advertisement (not posted here), and then 4 hours to complete 30+ hand drawn thumbnails, a logo, three instagram ads, a bag design, and a sticker.”

“The company was Greenie Feelys: Love the Earth and the goal was to present eco-awareness in a new and refreshing way. My focus was on loving the planet, which is why my logo is the earth in the shape of a heart. We had to do two versions: full color and single color.”

“For the ads, I decided to do something lighthearted and yet serious underneath by using mythological/aliens as an excuse to love the planet. I would have loved to draw in an alien ship in the first ad, but time was so crunched, I didn’t make it. I hope that you enjoy these designs!”

SLCC Visual Art & Design Department Assistant Professor Virag White organized the state event to allow Brittani to participate virtually. This was no small feat due to many security paramaters put forth by SkillsUSA. Many thanks to Virag for her dedication in supporting Brittani and representing the SLCC Visual Art & Design Department and Graphic Design & Communications program, as an expert SkillsUSA advisor!

Kudos Brittani!

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Sharon, Vince, Lacee, Cassidy, Brittani, Anamaye, Matt, Katrina, & Jen

Davin Abegg

“It’s been a minute since I’ve shared some of my recent drawings on here so here you go!”

Sharon Salmond Armstrong

“My students did a great job yesterday and today on their sidewalk chalk art. If you get a chance to go by Legacy Junior High I would highly recommend checking them out.”

Vince Bayless

“2021 Day 148: Air”

“Jim Bob Drawing Show prompt 5/27/21-Ironic Creature.”

Lacee Black

“How do you feel about revisiting old work? Lately I have been wanting to expand on this marigold pattern I created back in 2018 for a pattern challenge. I thought it would be fun to use it as a base to create more illustrations and patterns as a collection. Then, the question of whether to retain the look and feel of the original illustration style or to update it with the more current style I have been using for digital illustrations.”

“One more kid down! Now on to the pattern!!”

“And the pattern revamp is finally done! This was a lot of fun to do. Thanks for all the feedback and look forward to more patterns to go with this one.”

Cassidy Demkov

“A little floral I did for a recent project. I really love a good monotone floral but the color version was pretty too. Which is your favorite?”

“Have a great week.” 💛

Brittani Hodgkinson

“I LOVE haute couture! And Cruella has some crazy good pieces.”

Anamaye Sakura Lanayru

“It’s hot out there this week so we’re working from home if we can. Love this cute header graphic I made to make sure the department is informed.”

Matt Page

“T-shirt featuring a character from my book series. Those who are members of the Future Day Saints Fan Club know where to find it, everyone else will have to wait on the book, which comes out sometime soon.”

“Last night I learned that I won the 2021 Association for Mormon Letters Award for comics for my book Future Day Saints: Welcome To New Zion. I was frantically busy last night and didn’t have a chance to properly respond, but I would like to now.

It is a huge honor to have my little book recognized by AML, a juried award given out annually to the best works “by, for, and about Mormons.” It was an honor to be among the other nominees in all of the categories.

To be honest it came as a huge surprise. I never expected Future Day Saints to take off the way it has. It’s approach is so niche and esoteric that I was worried that nobody would get or care what I was trying to do.

So a huge thanks to AML and a huge thanks to everyone who has supported Future Day Saints over the last year. To those who interviewed me, reviewed my book, and asked me to speak to your classes. You can’t know how much it means to me.”

PHOTO of Two Books: Blair Hodges

Katrina Parkinson

From Black Rabbit Studio:

“Last night was the last session of our eight week Portrait Drawing workshop! We had five amazing students in this class. Here is the last portrait demo created by instructor Katrina Flores. Thanks to all who participated!”

“I’m being encouraged by Hudson to work in my sketch book at least fifteen minutes a day during what has been a bit of a struggle in my life when it comes to my artistic endeavors. Tonight’s practice piece resulted in this mystical beauty. Sometimes a simple practice piece can result in something quite lovely. Some days I wish I had horns!” 🖤

Jen Terry

Cover update

Congratulations Ariel!

Ariel Martin wins in Poster Contest

Ariel Martin won second place with her poster design for the Explore Viz Comm Annual Student Poster Contest. This contest is open to high school and college students in print, graphic communications, marketing and related studies from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Utah.

Ariel is a Graphic Design & Communications student in the Visual Art & Design Department at Salt Lake Community College. Ariel is pursuing a Graphic Design AAS Degree.

Ariel will:

  • Win up to $500 in individual scholarship awards.
  • Be recognized at the 2021 PrintROCKS! awards dinner.
  • Receive national social media recognition.
  • Have her design featured on the 2021 calendar.
  • See her poster design printed and distributed to over 200 employers in the region.
  • Receive a printed copy of her poster and certificate of participation.

From Viz Comm:

ExploreVizComm is a career education program designed to promote a strong future workforce in the print and graphics industry. Since 1989 we have encouraged students to explore and discover career pathways in our industry. 

We find, create, clarify, and promote career pathways for students of all ages to prepare for and join the thriving workforce of the print and graphics industry. We do this by supporting career days, internships, job shadowing, and by offering student scholarships.

Viz Comm is an initiative of The PPI Educational Trust. The Pacific Printing Industry Association (PPI) is a non-profit, membership-based trade association serving graphic communications companies.

To read more:
2021 Annual Student Poster Contest Submissions

Alumni Focus: Paul, Derek, Ryan, Keith, Lacee, Brittani, Sam, Matt, Matthew, Stephanie, & Clayton

Paul Asay

“Great to be back shooting the Bee’s, love when the players look like they are having fun.”

Derek Ballard

“Yes Derek Ballard made a custom Point Break bandana and yes, you can buy it for $30. Click here to purchase now”…/derek-ballard-vaya…

Ryan Bangerter

“One more post to wrap it all up. Thank you everyone for all of your support. I’ve learned a lot from doing this and will hopefully be able to take what I’ve learned into future projects!” 😁

“So I finally finished my first piece for sophiescribble ‘s #lazymermay2021 for Algae.”

Keith Beard

“Another video I produced for my company. more for recruiting here and in Taiwan.”

Lacee Black

“I’m back in the saddle again! After taking a year’s sabbatical to take care of some personal issues, I’m making progress again. Thanks to all of your support and love through the last year.”

“Between car stuff, getting a new bathtub installed and my second Covid vaccine shot I have not had much time to do actual paint work this week. But you know what they say about lemons and lemonade….I took all that boring waiting and used to do something else. I finally got off my laurels and got some of my stuff uploaded to printful and Etsy. It’s a conglomeration of fine art prints and other personal illustration/graphic design projects. Take a look, you can click the link my profile to my store. You can also access it from the shop link on either of my sites.”

Brittani Hodgkinson

“I want to make art….”

Sam Loertscher

“Montana Projects”

Matt Page

“Faux-3D variation of the Dr. Sunstone piece I posted yesterday.” #FutureDaySaints

“I was not expecting the great response my first Future Day Saints book received. I figured a sci-fi utopian fantasy which combines Mormon mythology with 80s cartoon/toy properties would end up being too niche and weird for anyone but me. Thanks to everyone who has supported this project and been so complimentary about it. I hope you all like the sequel, which is coming soon!” #futuredaysaints

Stephanie Smith


“I am literally freaking out right now!!!! I have been working on this since November (building a website is not for the weak, ya’ll!)!!! “

“I have told Nate for at least a month now, ‘Today is the day! I just know it!!!’ But then, find something else to tweak. I am so happy and proud of it (and so dang proud of myself after seeing all of my hard work in one beautiful place…still have many more images to upload, but it’s either now or never if I don’t just publish it)!”

“I would love if you’d give it a visit and show some love, share my page, or just give me a virtual high five! And of course, if you find anything wacky with it, please DM me and let me know!”

“On another note, I am currently booked until 2022 for Families and Individual sessions, so please book early if you know you might be wanting a session next year. Thank you all SOOOOO much for taking this journey with me and for your love and support on helping me chase and achieve my dreams!!!!”

“Success in no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” ~ Pele

Matthew Radcliff

“My employer asked me to design a shirt for the employees.Their logo is a simple chameleon, and colors from the logo were used in the company name, INXY “It’s not a sweatshop” is sarcasm because we don’t have AC in the warehouse yet.” 😅

Clayton Whitehead

“I’VE GOT PEPPER IN MY EYES!!! – I’m actually struggling to find a good tagline for this one, let me know if you have any ideas.”

“Despicable thin, colored fingers.”

“Clown holding a holy hand grenade.”

“MMMmmm TastyWanted to try a different approach of not using heavy black outlines. Happy with the result.”

ALUMNI FOCUS: Helen, Cassidy, Amber, Esther, Mel, Katrina & Hudson, Ingrid, Stephanie, Jen, Lauren & Clayton

Helen Cox

“Product photoshoot fun! 📸 I love my job!”

Cassidy Demkov

“A simple fresh summer pattern I designed for Son de Flor.” 🙂

Amber Giles

“Earlier this year I was contacted by my friend Bridget Loveland who started her own business pressing flowers for special occasions. We discussed the things she was looking for and she sent me some ideas she had. From there I developed the sketches and as we moved forward we narrowed down the playing field to Option 2. This was a fun project and I am glad that I was able to give her the logo she was looking for!”

“Happy Earth Day! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the beauty that the earth gives us every day.” ☺️❤️🌎☀️🌷🌸🌳

Esther Longmore

“I wouldn’t say this is great, but I guess it’s ok.” 😉

Mel Maldonado

“Pillow box packaging for ADN Harmony + Focus sample pack. This dietary supplement is biometrically formulated to promote a healthy hormone system for women and support optimal cognitive function.”

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

“I animated another picture! Check it out. – This video was inspired by Daniel B. Greene’s novella Breach of Peace. The book is amazing and I highly recommend it and Daniel’s channel as well. The epic music was done by Marc v/d Meulen, check out their channel for awesome violin music.”

“We had a blast at the Sugar Space Community Market in SLC yesterday. 🙂 A big thanks to Kristen at Kissing Whiskey Vintage for organizing a great event! We look forward to participating again.” ~ Black Rabbit Studios

Hudson Parkinson’s art made it onto the cover of antonym lit magazine this month! He also got another one of his pieces called “Ship Of The Stars” inside the magazine and my painting “Ethereal” was accepted into the magazine as well. Thanks antonym editors!”

Check out the whole issue here:

Ingrid Shoemaker

“Now through the end of the month shop 25%-75% off to get your gifts in time for Mother’s Day.” ~ Dahlia & Violet 💜

Stephanie Smith

“Alright, ya’ll! I’ve decide you don’t get what you don’t ask for and there’s no shame in asking, right? 🤷🏼‍♀️I have officially worked my booty off around the clock for years to create, build and perfect Stephanie Smith Photography! It is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself and my family!” ♥️♥️♥️ ~ Stephanie Smith Photography ☺️

Jen Terry

“I’ve been fully vaccinated (Pfizer) for a couple of weeks now. Side effects are a sore arm and ability to hug family members and friends.”

Good for you Jen! ~ INK

Dianna Totland

“I am honored to work with inspiring women and create their newest logo for Utah Women-Owned Businesses Directory. More branding elements to come for this expanding project. It’s going to support so many businesses. Thanks for entrusting me and Elle Marketing And Events for the launch of this project.”

Lauren Waters

“Ordered some gardening tools and they arrive today! Gonna play in the dirt this evening and think about how much I love this beautiful place we call home. Even the weeds are beautiful! But they still gotta go. Happy Earth Day!” 🌿🌷🌱🌼🍃🌸🌱🌻

Clayton Whitehead

“Artwork I’ve created using digital media.”

2021 AIGA Student Portfolio Review

Annual Student Portfolio Review


AIGA Salt Lake City’s annual Student Portfolio Review was held on Saturday, April 17, 2021. The event was shown online for a second year due to Covid!

This was an opportunity to gain valuable advice, insight, and industry information from some of the top creative professionals in our local design community.

The virtual keynote presentation was given by the innovative Mick Champayne.


Speaker Bio

Mick Champayne is a designer by daylight and an illustrator by moonlight from Chicago. In a nutshell, she loves internet culture, navel-gazing about the future, and imagining how designers can support people’s values and intentions.

Currently an associate creative director at Instrument, she likes to create experiences that have beauty AND brains: making things look beautiful with smart strategy and a thoughtful user experience. From light-hearted memes to serious social commentary, she’s happiest when her work can spark a conversation.

For an almost-uncomfortable uptick of butt drawings in your feed, you can follow her on Instagram, or find her work at


Congratulations SLCC GD&C Students!

The Visual Art & Design Department at Salt Lake Community College applauds our graduating Graphic Design & Communications students for showing their work at this year’s event.

Please visit their portfolios!


Sophia Araujo Jacobs

Sophi will graduate in May with a SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Design AAS degree and a Graphic Communications AS degree. Sophi will be transferring to the University of Utah in pursuit of a Graphic Design BFA.

“I love creative and purposeful solutions to a design project. I don’t wait for things to happen… I make things happen.” ~ Sophi


Sarena Boyd

Sarena will graduate in May with a SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Design AAS degree and a Graphic Communications AS degree. Sarena will be deciding between continuing her education with a SLCC scholarship in hand or employment.

“I’m currently looking at my future with rose colored lenses and filled with excitement for my next chapter.” ~ Sarena


Emily Paulson

Emily will graduate in May with a SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Design AAS degree. Emily has already accepted a job in Bend, Oregon as a Graphic Designer.

“I’m very grateful for my experience at SLCC, and how my time has prepared me to work in the field.” ~ Emily


Ashley Schaugaard

Ashley will graduate in May with a SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Communications AS degree. Ashley has decided to continue her education in Graphic Design at SLCC.

“I never considered a Graphic Design AAS degree as an option until this point. Yea!” ~ Ashley


Graphic Design & Communications faculty wish to extend their congratulations to Sophi, Sarena, Emily, and Ashley for their wonderful work!

It’s been a pleasure to have you in our classes!


Associate Professor Kerry Gonzáles
Associate Professor Jessica Curran
Assistant Professor Virag White
Professor Emeritus Lana Gruendell

Alumni Focus: Davin, Derek & Brighton, Sam, Mel, Katrina & Hudson, Erin, Em, Jazz, & Lauren

Davin Abegg

“Here’s some more drawings. Just hit 3,000 followers on the art Instagram page so that’s pretty cool.”

“I was eating pizza and found the pizza demon, so I drew it.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

Derek Ballard

“Gotta show the boxes in context, for they were made to house a national treasure. Thanks @austinbowcutt for the photos and @pete_zereeya for the pizza mastery.”

Brighton Ballard

“What will the future hold for Chihiro, No Face and Yubaba? 🔮🔮🔮 Artist Brighton Ballard has designed six beautiful tarot cards inspired by the film Spirited Away.Each design comes as a mini risograph print, and all six prints are enclosed in a black envelope with metallic gold soy ink emblem.Get a closer look at all six designs in our online store:…/brighton-ballard-spirited-away…

Sam Loertscher

#process complete

Mel Maldonado

“Branding identity stationery I created for Fabrica Creative, a full-service advertising agency in Sandy, Utah. They specialized in growing relationships built on trust, accountability, and results. I was inspired by the engineering sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci.”

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

Katrina Parkinson
Katrina Parkinson
Katrina Parkinson
Hudson Parkinson

“Hudson Parkinson and I submitted some of our artwork to Antonym, an online literary & visual arts magazine. We both got our work accepted into the March issue and one of my pieces was chosen for the front cover! Exciting! Click the link to check out the magazine.Thanks to Michael Ferry for encouraging us to submit our work!”

Hudson Parkinson

“This video was inspired by Meg LaTorre’s The Cyborg Tinkerer.”

“Sticker making underway for the Sugar Space Community Market on the 17th! We love making new merchandise.” 🙂

Erin Salazar

“Cute little *ass.”

Em Veylupek

Digital sketch.

Jazz Vitale

“Designed these new @drinkbutter hoodies & they went live yesterday. More than half of them are sold out already! Thank you for all the positive feedback and kind words my friends. So fired up on how these turned out.”

Lauren Waters

“Make it pink… 💕 Make it blue…” 💙

“It’s always fun to see a collection come together. This is a Spring release I worked on with my team for @maggiehdesign . I figure if I can’t spend my afternoons in an English garden, I’ll just design the one in my mind.” 🌼🐰🌸🐓🌿

2021 SLCC Student Art Showcase

Online & Limited On-Campus Show!

Online Exhibit Dates:
April 1 through April 15, 2021


Award Winners Exhibit:
April 1 through April 15, 2021

SLCC South City Campus / East Entrance LED Wall
Center for Arts & Media
1575 S. State Street / SLC, UT

Monday through Friday / 10am to 6pm

Exhibit closes at 4pm on April 15.

For the past 36 years, the Visual Art & Design faculty has organized the Art Showcase to display the talents of SLCC students. Traditionally the art show has been displayed at the SLCC South City Campus Multipurpose Room. Due to the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Showcase is displayed via a virtual gallery.

This year the award winners have been displayed on the LED Wall in the east entrance to the South City Campus.

“Tie up your laces, why you trippin’?”
Bailey Rogers – Design

“Charcoal Floof”
Anna Lowe – Illustration

“Nighttime Thoughts”
Saul Flores – Photography

“How to Fit Into the Belly of a Wolf”
Ariel Martin – Design

The five independent judges for the Showcase were invited from the working artist community and represented a wide range of art disciplines.


Cassidy Demkov
Howard Lyon
Susan Makov
Jen Palmer
Steven Stauffer


President Deneece Huftalin – SLCC
Dean Richard Scott – School of Arts, Communication & Media

To see all award winners and pieces accepted into the show:

A big THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to all students accepted into the show for a job well done.

Sharyl Myers Adamson • Cindy Aguilar • Raja AIRabaan • Anita Albright • Paola Avanzo • Izzy Baker • Everest Barrowes • Elnora Brunson • Lynn Bright • Sylvia Bunker • Chuck Call • Ching-His Cheng • Aimee Cook • Clint Cox • Blair Daines • Nichole Devey • Sophia DeVincentis • Marla Duggins • Saul Flores • Jonathan (Jasper) Fox • Matthew Gervais • Concepcion Gonzalez • Jeanne Hansen • Regan Jackson • Alison Jensen • Ethan Jones • Leslee Knutson • Iris LaFontaine • Anamaye Lanayru • Ethan Larson • Amanda Long • Anna Lowe • Manping Lu • Ariel Martin • Ashley Mathena • Nancy Miller • Keianna Morgan • Deven Neider • Kati Nilson • Kaili Osai • Amanda Osborne • Elodie Payne • Zach Robertson • Bailey Rogers • Clayton Ryan • Alicia Sekiller • Jadzia Smith • Sydney Stansfield • Jaidyn Stone • Daniel DJ Tanner • Hanna Vance • Sarah VanHook • Paul Ward • Oliver Winegar • Abbi Wiscombe • Emma Zaugg

Poster Design by Sophi Araujo.

Art Showcase Committee

Robinson Valenzuela Art Showcase Chair
Don SeegmillerArt Showcase Co-Chair
Kerry GonzálesPoster Contest & Promotions
Andrew WilsonWebsite Submissions & Virtual Gallery

Also part of the Committee, these behind-the-scenes hardworking VAD Faculty listed below, helped jury the show and – had the show taken place in the Multipurpose room as originally planned – were already prepared to gather submissions, hang the show, provide signage, create animations, provide security, gather awards, tear down the show and return artwork.

Their dedication to our students, and preparation for the showcase, should be applauded:

Rob Adamson
Jessica Curran
Chad Erekson
Rick Graham
Whitney King Hyans
Terry Martin
Neal Reiland
Trudy Richardson
Ed Rosenberger

Virag White


And last but not least we would like to thank the School of Arts, Communication & Media Dean Richard Scott, VAD Associate Dean Bryan Griggs, Center for Arts & Media Coordinator Josh Elstein, Art Gallery & Event Coordinator Danielle Susi-Dittmore, and VAD Administrative Assistant Cindy Denos.

We hope to see you next year for the 2022 Showcase!

ALUMNI FOCUS: Derek & Brighton, Keith, Melanie, Helen, Amber, Anamaye, Mel, Matt, Austin & Lauren

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“New product in the @neuergeist shop: frosted acrylic Sego Lily Coaster sets! They come in a custom risograph printed, hand-folded box, and each set of 4 includes an embroidered patch.”

Keith Beard

“Having some fun with this painting.”

“Is interesting to see the subconscious come out clearly on the surface when seeing work side by side. Or even a body of work. Seeing a theme hear for sure.”

Melanie Bunch

“I’m working on something a little different from my usual doodles tonight…”

Helen Cox

“I can now say I have designed a guitar pick!” 🤘@9thand9thbookandmusic @blackharborsound

Amber Giles

“Hey! That’s me! 🙂 Come see an original production of Anastasia this weekend!! Yep! All of the Meet the Cast posts I’ve shared over the last couple weeks were designed and headshots taken by me.”

Anamaye Sakura Lanayru

“Making graphics for the Utah Department of Human Services.”

“Just a quick little digital illustration for work.”

“One of my favorite projects I get to do every year for work is the Milestone Reel. Due to COVID-19 we didn’t have many photos or videos to use but this allowed me to practice my motion graphics skills. Check it out!”

Mel Maldonado

“Annual report I worked on for Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.” @businessutah

“Double your Impact marketing campaign for @evenstevenssandwiches. The Utah based sandwich shop previously promoted a “Eat to Give” business model which supported 80+ non-profit partners across 6 states. The process was simple: At the end of each month, they tallied sandwich sales and contributed funds for each sandwich purchased. Each restaurant would then donate to 4 selected local charities in need of assistance.The goal of the campaign was to promote the process of the Give Back program and highlight each of the individual non-profit organizations.”

Art Direction: @pavlovs__horse.exe Illustrations: @trentcall
Graphic Design: @visualdraft (Mel Maldonado)

“Grabber @grabberconstructionproducts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality products built for construction professionals. Their core line of products includes screws and fasteners for a variety of wood, metal, and drywall applications. The following are web design components for their UltraPro and SuperDrive line of building materials.”

Matt Page

“Members of the Future Day Saints Fan Club can expect a big announcement email tonight.”

Austin Record

“I designed and installed these (for) JKR Windows.”

Lauren Waters

“It’s coming, even if it’s coming slowly…” 🌸🌻🌷🌼