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BRENT BUDD, Salt Lake Community College / Visual Art & Design Department Graphic Design Associate Professor, retired at the end of December, 2015.

From Kerry Gonzáles,
VAD Graphic Design Associate Professor:
“Clip clop. Clip clop. Clip clop.” Oh, the sound of galloping horses. No, wait! That’s the sound of coconuts banging together. And that means Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail” – or – Brent Budd’s home movie of himself and friends spoofing the film!!! That sound will always remind me of when I first met Brent Budd. He was the art director at KUED Channel 7 and worked in one of the buildings on the “horseshoe” at the University of Utah.”

“Brent was an adjunct instructor in one of my senior graphic design classes at the University of Utah. I specifically remember an assignment he gave… to create a tv still for one of KUED 7’s programs. Of course having religiously watched every episode, I chose Monty Python! If you were one of the lucky ones… Brent would show you his version of “The Holy Grail.” (Note: Brent’s movie is NOT the one shown here! That cinematic gem must be in some safety deposit box somewhere! This is the real MP.)”

“I consider myself lucky to not only have been one of Brent’s students, but also a colleague and friend.”

Brent Budd graduated from the University of Utah with a BFA in 1972. He worked as a graphic designer and art director for various agencies including his own business. When Brent was the Art Director for KUED Channel 7, he taught as an adjunct in the U of U Art Department. Brent continued to teach adjunct at the U of U for many years.

In the late 1980s Brent began teaching adjunct at SLCC. In the mid 1990s he was hired full time to teach graphic design in the Printing Department on the Redwood Campus. When the Printing Department became part of the Visual Art & Design Department, Brent joined the VAD Faculty as a graphic design instructor. And soon became a valued employee, professor and friend.

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From Rick Graham,
VAD Illustration Professor:
“Brent and I go way back. I have so many memories throughout the years that I’ve known him, earliest being the Friday afternoons when Brent, Lana (Gruendell), Fred (Van Dyke) and others in the faculty would gather at my apartment, which then was just a quick walk across the parking lot of the Redwood campus. There we would unwind, laugh and talk shop. Great times!”

“But the memory that most sticks in my mind, to which is a great example of Brent’s character, is the LA trip he hosted for the students back in the ’90s. I was fortunate enough to tag along on that excursion. It was a pleasure watching Brent in action. I could witness his professional side that understood the graphic design industry, his many industry contacts, and the ease of his interaction with LA designer bigwigs. I saw on this trip Brent’s wonderful, layback, humor-filled way that he seemed to approach everything. His wit, attentiveness, and affability with the students was inspiring. On this particular trip there was a student with a physical handicap that limited her ability to keep pace of the rest of the group. Brent showed an amazing amount of compassion and patience with this student. He made the entire trip a delight for everyone!”

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From Lana Gruendell, VAD Graphic Design Professor:
“It makes me smile when I recall the fun times I have had with Brent over the years! I first met Brent in 1987 when we were both teaching adjunct classes in what was then the Graphic Design Department. Brent’s quick wit and warm personality instantly won me over as a friend.”

“My fondest memories of Brent are when we were both VICA (SkillsUSA) Advisors in the early ’90s. On several occasions Brent and I accompanied students to various conferences and competitions. The one I remember vividly is a State competition at Utah Valley State College. I remember laughing and talking with Brent for hours while we waited for the students to finish their contests. We were both so tired by the end of the day that all we had to do is look at each and we would laugh. What fun we had!”

“I also remember the magical way that he interacted with his students and colleagues. Brent’s personable and caring manner made everyone like him.”

“I will greatly miss Brent’s warm presence in the VAD Department!”

From Rob Adamson,
VAD Illustration Professor:
“Brent Budd is a man ahead of his time. Brent is not only a great teacher and mentor but also a friend, a true friend. He is always so concerned about the welfare of others, especially his students. On a personal note: Brent and I would always refer to each other as a “good boy.” He would say to me, “Rob, you are such a good boy. I am so proud of you.” It was kind of an inside joke but he always meant it. Brent is someone you could share your worries and concerns with and he would listen, really listen.”

“My life has been so much the richer and blessed because I know a man such as Brent Budd, my good friend. My buddy pal! Brent, YOU are such a good, good boy. I am soooooo proud of YOU!!!”

From Kerry Gonzáles:
Readers, please share your comments and stories here. Let’s give the Silver Fox some reading material for his retirement!


FFR artFlowing Freeride Online Snowboard School (FFR)
December 2015 Launch

Teako Warfield-Graham, VAD Graphic Design alumnus and partner, Blake Tholen Clark, a Level 3 Certified Snowboard Instructor have joined forces to create an educational website geared toward snowboarding. Teako created all the design/motion graphics/business modeling. Blake worked on all content. And to work the tech magic… Brady Uselman, scientist turned internet strategist.

“We recently teamed up with the Utah Avalanche Center to shoot backcountry safety content. We’re hoping to offer courses in other extreme sports.” ~ Teako Warfield-Graham

FFR Website

Learn to Snowboard in the Cloud—An Industry First:

Photo: Teako Warfield-Graham, Blake Tholen Clark, Brady Uselman


Card Promo artHOW: 9 Designer Self-Promotion Projects to Inspire You
By Jessica Farris / January 14, 2016

“As a designer, marketing and promotional work comes with the territory. After all, much of the money to be made in the design industry comes from promotional projects for clients. But once you’ve put down your client work, it’s time to look inward and develop your self-promotional strategy. Whether you’re part of a studio or an in-house design team, or you’re working for yourself, self-promotion is a must for finding your ideal clients, building your career and making a name for yourself.”

To read entire article:

Photo: 2015 YEAR OF THE RAM / MM Brand Agency


“Rituals: Make Game Day Legendary”
By Peterson Timothy, SLCC VAD Graphic Design 2010

The Utah Jazz were looking for a campaign that would help honor one of the most loyal fan bases in the NBA and increase game attendance. In recent history, the Jazz have worked to find the perfect equation that gets fans excited and pushes them to buy tickets and attend games, in spite of a less than ideal win-loss record. However, with this up-and-coming young team, alongside Coach Quinn’s leadership, ticket sales and attendance are up, and season ticket sales are at record breaking levels within the NBA.

With that said, the Jazz were also looking to give back to the fans, to tell their stories and highlight what makes Utah Jazz fans some of the best in any sporting league. From moments with the cowboys in rural Utah to the “Pink Grandmas” who attend every Jazz game in their pink jerseys (so their grandson could pick them out of the crowd), this video was meant to show who Jazz fans truly are and why they are the best. “Rituals” reiterates that no matter where we are from, what we do, or who we are, there is one thing that brings us all together: We Are Utah Jazz.

This was an amazing project to work on, and one of my favorites – from the initial brain storming and pitch meetings, to concepting and storyboards, to filming and editing. As part of the creative team, I was fortunate to contribute every step of the way and was privileged to see this project through to the end. It was great to be so heavily involved and to see the combined vision of the agency and client play out in the end.

TIMOTHY, Peterson

Peterson Timothy was born and raised in Utah. He currently designs for high-profile Saxton clients like the Utah Jazz and Salt Lake Bees, and previously Lead Design and Creative Director at Idea Factory and YESCO Outdoor Media.


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.34.33 AMFROM CREATIVE BLOQ:
Design a Portfolio that Packs a Punch

by Marc Anderson

”I look at many many creative portfolios every day in my job at Fantasy, spanning a wide range of disciplines and talents. Because there’s so many, I’ve had to develop a strategy to enable me to quickly tell whether a designer has both the visual talent and UX thinking to thrive with us. In short, a way of separating good work from work that simply looks good.”

To read article in its entirety:

Photo: 05. Demonstrate critical thinking





The Visual Art & Design Department Presents:

Submissions are Due:
Tuesday, February 2nd, 9 AM to Noon
– or –
Wednesday, February 3rd, 1 to 3 PM.

Where to Submit:
Kerry Gonzales • Room 2-177 • SLCC South City Campus • North End

The Visual Art & Design Department invites Salt Lake Community College students to participate in a poster design contest announcing the 2016 SLCC Student Art Showcase.

This contest is open to all currently enrolled SLCC and SLCC Concurrent Enrollment students. (Professionals or instructors are not eligible. Entrants must be able to verify student status.)

The winning poster design will be used to promote the 2016 SLCC Student Art Showcase on campus as well as other venues and media. In addition, a cash award of $100 will be given to the student winner.

Only 1 submission per student will be accepted. The SLCC Student Art Showcase Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.

The student winner may be asked to alter elements of the design for all the various art show applications as needed.

Poster design contest submissions will be displayed in 2-177 (SLCC South City Campus / North End) from FEBRUARY 4 through 10.

The SLCC Student Art Showcase Committee will make final determination as to winning entry.

REQUIRED SPECIFICATIONS for poster design contest:

Document Setup:
Tabloid 11 x 17 inches (tall) output at 100%. Set top, left and right margins at .375 inch. The bottom margin should be set at 1.5 inches. This will allow a white border around the design.

File Format:
File should be created in either Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator ONLY. Adobe Photoshop may only be used to alter photos or create effects. Type works best in InDesign or Illustrator. Remember this is a PRINT JOB. The actual file should NOT be sent, but if chosen will need to be in one of the required native file formats, no pdfs.

Any illustration, graphic or photo must be the original work of the poster designer – or – a signed release form (if using another SLCC student(s)’s work, as in the case of photo or illustration) must be presented if a poster is chosen as the winner. NO STOCK PHOTOS. NO PUBLIC DOMAIN PHOTOS. If more than one SLCC student works on the poster, all must be credited and all must share in the winnings if chosen.

4 Color Process (cmyk) or Pantone Spot Color on white paper. NO RGB!

ONE output of poster design MUST BE SUBMITTED. Do not mount.

Student Information:
Please put your NAME, PHONE and EMAIL on the back, lower right hand corner of your poster. Posters will not be accepted if these three items are not listed.

Where to Submit:
Kerry Gonzales • Room 2-177 • SLCC South City Campus • North End

When to Submit:
Tuesday, February 2nd, 9 AM to Noon
– or –
Wednesday, February 3rd, 1 to 3 PM.

NOTE: Submissions will not be returned.


The Visual Art & Design Department Presents the
2016 Salt Lake Community College Student Art Showcase
(The college name needs to be spelled out here! Abbreviations are okay after this.)

April 1 – April 14 • Monday through Friday • Noon to 6 PM • Multipurpose Room

SLCC South City Campus • Center for Arts & Media • 1575 South State Street / SLC

SLCC students submit artwork online February 22 – March 9.

For more information visit VAD / 2016 Art Showcase at:

All other copy is optional but subject to approval by the SLCC Student Art Showcase Committee if chosen.

Questions? Contact Kerry Gonzales:



10 Frustrations Only Print Designers Will Understand

“Great print and web design has a lot in common. They both require solid skills in typography, color and layout, to name just a few. But there’s a few ways in which the two fields are completely unique. If you’re a designer who works primarily with the printed page, we want you to know we feel your pain. Here’s a list of annoyances that only print designers will truly get. Let us know in the comments any that we’ve missed.

1. That typo.
If a website or blog goes live with a typo, it’s N.B.D. The developer can just login and make a change within a few nanoseconds. There’s even a chance nobody will notice. But if ten thousand brochures or a hundred foot billboard goes live with a typo, someone always seems to notice.”

To read article in its entirety:

Image Via Giphy


Long Live Art UMFA artLONG LIVE ART – Kick Off Party
Saturday, January 16 – Sunday, January 17


Utah Museum of Fine Arts / University of Utah
Marcia and John Price Museum Building
410 Campus Center Drive / Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0350

Enjoy your favorite UMFA artworks and art experiences in one weekend — for FREE! Gallery and collections tours, films, art making, yoga, music, a dance party, and more.

Join us for a weekend celebration at the UMFA before we pause our exhibition program and close temporarily for remodeling and reinstallation.

The Marcia and John Price Museum Building will close Monday, January 18. Anticipated reopening is spring 2017. Many free public programs will continue through the closure period, including our popular Third Saturday for Families,K-12 educational outreach, and ARTLandish: Land art, Landscape, and the Environment.

For more information:



This is a creative and rewarding environment for any innovative, conceptual, senior graphic designer with education and experience working in print and digital design. Diverse projects keep things interesting and nurture opportunities to let your skills and imagination take flight. This position is an exempt position located in Salt Lake City.

Our in-house design staff is full of creative Web, multimedia, editorial, and designer devotees. It is a fun, creative, hardworking, and nurturing group. The design/production schedule is sensitive to overtime, which doesn’t happen too often. There is a little bit of travel (three to four days once a year) to support our conference, which always falls at the end of April.

To see posting in its entirety:


Illustration for WEBCREATIVE BLOQ
All the Top Design Trends You Need to Know in 2016
By Julia Sager

”Love or loathe them, new design trends emerge, evolve and expire every year. As a creative professional or hobbyist, it helps to have a handle on the aesthetics that will define the coming months – if only to stay one step ahead.

Trends work best when they’re manipulated in new contexts to produce original creative. Whether you’re interested in using the predictions here to push your work further, or simply want to know what to avoid, here are the most exciting design movements happening across six core creative disciplines.”

To read article in its entirety:

Photo: WEB DESIGN Fewer photos, more illustration.

“Illustrations allow the viewer to invent their own interpretation of a scene or idea, and connect more readily than picture-perfect model photos, as seen in this example from Mint Design.”


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