OPPORTUNITY: Technician II, Digital Designer (Part Time)

To view more about this position and apply, please visit – https://jobs.slcc.edu/postings/29519

Job Summary

The Technician II/ Digital Designer will plan, evaluate, and produce various digital solutions for email marketing campaigns, web presence and digital signage.

The digital designer will collaborate with other marketing staff, including the creative team, marketing managers, interactive services team and copywriter to produce digital media College advertising, web pages and PR campaigns.

The digital designer will also be required to analyze and report on digital outreach campaigns, and may be required to make strategic recommendations related to outreach channels. The digital designer must also maintain and report on databases and outreach lists.

Strong understanding of HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SEO and Cascade CMS is required.


The digital designer may be required to assist the marketing managers with training and program administration related to third-party email marketing service (EMS). Strong understanding of email best practices, UX email designs, and trends is required.

Additionally, the digital designer may be assigned print design projects as needed, and will assist in the development of media kits and other marketing collateral for ad campaigns, presentations, events and classes. Assistance with special events may be required.

Strong background in Adobe Creative Suite programs, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat Pro is required to complete daily project assignments. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite programs is also expected, particularly Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Other office duties as assigned.

RESOURCE: http://gdusa.com/


To explore this resource, please visit – http://gdusa.com/

As we move into our 52nd year of publishing, one fact is crystal clear. The story of 21st century graphic design is its centrality to commerce and culture, business and society, media and communications. Our goal in 2015 is to emphasize the importance of graphic design — and the value of designers — in everything we see and experience. In truth, this editorial mission simply complements what has been GDUSA’s role for five decades: to be a welcoming, trusted and unifying source of news and recognition for people, projects, ideas, trends, causes, products and services — all the while helping to build a sense and strength of shared interests, values and community and helping to underscore why graphic design matters.

ARTICLE: Get Inspired By These 50 Incredibly Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings


To view this article and its examples in its entirety, please visit – http://digitalsynopsis.com

Looking for some logo design inspiration? Here are 50 ingenious examples that carry dual meanings in their design. These hidden symbols either explain the nature of the business or are a clever visual representation of its name. Superb work by talented artists and designers who must have been high on some ‘good stuff’ ;). Check them out.

OPPORTUNITY: Sign and Graphic Designer

To view and apply for this job, please visit – http://www.ksl.com/jobs/listing/585881?ad_cid=1

Job Description

Privately owned graphics and signage company is seeking a qualified Graphic Designer to join their team!


Graphic Designer is responsible for preparing work to be produced by gathering information from clients and other resources/ choose and recommend materials for clients/ plan and illustrate concepts by designing rough layouts of art and copy regarding arrangements, size, style and related concepts.


JOB REQUIREMENTS -Candidates must be able to work in Adobe CS Suite to produce designs for printing and prepare files for final production approval. Customer focus and ability to handle creative criticism is an absolute must for this position -Candidates should be proficient in working with Adobe CS Applications. -Must maintain technical knowledge by attending design workshops, reviewing professional publications, and participating in professional groups/ organizations. -Must have knowledge of production methods used in Large Format Printing and Sign Fabrication -Must be Creative and have a good Memory -Construction and or interior Design background are Helpful

ARTICLE: Political & Social Graphic Design

ppmsca-08060_0001u_enlarge_7251To view this article and examples in its entirety, please visit – http://www.howdesign.com/

The U.S. saw its largest public demonstration, with more than 250,000 participants, during the March on Washington rally on August 28,1963. Civil Rights activists created vivid promotional designs to achieve the March on Washington’s massive turnout. These designs were featured on just about everything, from the sides of buses, to pamphlets to activists wearing the advertisements.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech touched countless lives as the words fell from his lips that day. The engaging speech rippled throughout the country, challenging perceptions, demanding equality and initiating change. Decades later, we still cherish his words.

Civil rights activists recognized the importance of tying socially conscious design into their publicity efforts. They pushed to create visual elements that aligned with their message of promoting social change and ending Jim Crow, and without these activists’ efforts in planning civil rights protests, rallies, sit-ins, and successfully marketing those events, U.S. history would have followed a different path and social equality would have been significantly delayed.


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