Good luck Andrew!

Andrew is off to St. George, Utah

ANDREW WILSON, Salt Lake Community College / Visual Art & Design Department Professor has accepted a position at Utah Tech University in St. George, Utah. At SLCC since 2009, Andrew has worked in multiple roles; Department Coordinator, Web Design Specialization Rep, Professor, Student Art Showcase Chair, and in many, many, many other capacities.

The Visual Art & Design Department faculty wish Andrew and his family a fond farewell. We know that Andrew is looking forward to a new chapter in his career and we wish him the best!

From Associate Dean Bryan Griggs:

“Andrew Wilson has served as a key and influential full-time faculty member, specializing in the Web Design emphasis, for Salt Lake Community College’s Visual Art & Design Department. His faculty work over his many years of service has done much to shape the digital media with Web Design program offerings now in place. Andrew has consistently been genuine, open, quick-witted, and kind. His students respect and admire him, and his colleagues appreciate and value him. Andrew has always been generous in his contributions. Whether stepping up to serve on various committees or volunteering for multiple projects… Andrew is there. Andrew contributed numerous years in serving as the Department Coordinator for the Visual Art & Design Department. His level head and transparent and inclusive methods earned him the gratitude of those involved. His leadership makes a significant mark.  As Andrew leaves Salt Lake Community College for other life ambitions… his absence will surely be felt. Nevertheless, his legacy stands as it is… with many being benefitted by his talents, intelligence, and accomplishments.”

From Associate Professor Virag White:

“The Visual Art & Design Department will not be the same without Andrew. Working with him on the Student Art Show for several years was great. He brought calmness into the chaos with his easygoing personality. I am sure students will feel the void he leaves with his departure. I wish him the best at Utah Tech University, and I hope that we can develop a relationship with the art department at his new school.”

From Associate Professor Kerry Gonzáles:

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Andrew without a smile! Never was there a more easy going person. When Andrew was the VAD Coordinator he brought diplomatic professionalism to the table. Trying to keep everyone on task in a department meeting, well let’s just say, Andrew was good at herding cats! It will surely be difficult to replace Andrew as he has taken web design classes and built them into a stellar program at SLCC. Good luck Andrew! It’s pretty hot down there in St. George!”

INK would like to congratulate Andrew on his many successful years at Salt Lake Community College and the future years he will be spending at Utah Tech University! ~ Associate Professor Kerry Gonzáles


Professor Rick Graham Retires

RICK GRAHAM, Salt Lake Community College / Visual Art & Design Department Professor began teaching in the mid-1980s as an adjunct, was hired full time in 1988, and retired after Spring Semester 2023. Rick was one of the first instructors in the Visual Art & Design Department when it was located on the Redwood Campus. Over the years, Rick taught numerous classes in drawing, painting, and illustration, both traditional and digital. Rick specialized in life drawing instruction.

Rick began his career at an animation studio in Salt Lake City, worked as a courtroom sketch artist, and created illustrations for magazines. He attended Salt Lake Community College and Utah State University. Rick received both a Bachelors and Masters of Fine Art degrees at the University of Utah. Check out his magnificent work at:

“Evening Gown” by Rick Graham –

From Associate Dean Bryan Griggs:

“Rick Graham, as a Full Professor, has been a steady, diplomatic, and very capable member of SLCC’s Visual Art & Design Department. Rick’s teaching and artistic performances are recognized, distinguished, and celebrated among his students, peers, and members of the greater artistic community. Rick often leads by a careful and thoughtful example, and his ideas and insights are respected and honored. In leaving the full-time faculty role, Rick’s absence will be strongly felt. Even so, he will be leaving a legacy that is more than admirable.”

“The Red Head” by Rick Graham –

From Professor Rob Adamson:

“Rick has been such a wonderful friend and colleague for these past many years. He was my figure drawing instructor when I was a student at SLCC (1986 – 1989). Rick has always been a gifted teacher and mentor with an incredible knowledge base. He has the perfect balance of giving concise, constructive feedback with compassionate encouragement for all his students. His drawing and painting skills are top notch, especially as it has to do with the figure. He has certainly set the bar high for the rest of us! Rick will be greatly missed at SLCC. On to new adventures! And remember Rick, you are DA Man!”

“The Red Scarf” by Rick Graham –

Retired VAD Professors, Lana Gruendell and Rick Graham.

From Professor Lana Gruendell:

“What an extraordinary career Rick has had! He has been a dedicated and caring teacher who has taught, inspired, and encouraged numerous aspiring artists and helped them realize their own unique talents and creativity. He is also an accomplished Utah artist who has displayed his amazing work in many galleries and museums.

I was first acquainted with Rick when I took a class called ‘Animation Layout’ from him in the mid ’80s. It was one of the first classes he taught at Salt Lake Community College (then Utah Technical College). I remember being so impressed with his ability to engage the students and explain and demonstrate drawing concepts in an interesting and understandable way. He truly has a natural ability to teach!

Rick loves drawing and painting the figure! He once told me that he felt guilty that he was able to make a living doing something that he enjoys so much. I always admired Rick’s strong work ethic and his determination to improve his, already excellent drawing and painting skills. He always had his sketchbook in his hands. He sketched colleagues in faculty meetings, speakers at training presentations, students at graduation, and participants at committee meetings. In addition, he often attended figure drawing sessions several evenings a week. Of course, all of this practice made him even more prepared to teach and inspire his students.

All of this hard work has paid off! Over the years I have watched Rick become one of Utah’s most renowned and respected artists and educators. Through his involvement in community work he has always represented the Visual Art & Design Department, and the College in the highest possible light. He served for years on the Articulation Committee where he collaborated with Art Professors throughout Utah in an effort to help students easily transfer VAD credits to other institutions.

Rick has been a trusted friend and support to me for the past 35+ years. I always feel that he listens to me and has a genuine concern for me and my problems. I have the utmost respect for Rick and the distinguished career he has had. I miss Rick’s warm smile and laugh and our heart-to-heart talks.”

INK would like to congratulate Rick, long-time Visual Art & Design full-time faculty member and friend to all of us. We wish you the best in retirement. We know you’ll be using that home studio even more now. Take care Rick! We love you! ~ Associate Professor Kerry Gonzáles

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Paul, Ryan, Keith, Cassidy, Anamaye, Sam, Andrew, Matt, Matthew, Erin, Cami, and Miriam

Davin Abegg

“After a real long break, I just started recording my little songs again. This was written originally for my band but didn’t make the cut, so here’s my own version of it. Please feel free to critique.”

Paul Asay

Ryan Bangerter

“In case you missed my kickstarter, here are the first 4 pages of Emy & Herald. The book is now available to pre-order on my website:!/BOOKS/c/121661002

The rest of the book is now in full development and on schedule to be released this October! If you’d like to learn more about the book, be sure to check out the hashtag #EmyandHerald or look through my profile. Hope you like it! 😊

Keith Beard

“Prolonged suffering. Concealment through time. Phase 1”

Cassidy Demkov

“This collaboration was meant to be long before it was even thought of. As an illustrator I’ve worked on a few projects that involved me illustrating swimsuits and each time I’ve been told by someone that they wish that they were actual swimsuits they could wear. Tomorrow is the first time that these little swimsuit illustrations will actually be more than just a cute illustration. Lime Ricki Swimwear picked a few of my favorite prints and created the prettiest swim collection with them. This collection has me wanting sunshine and flowers even more now. I will have a link on my website for you to see them as soon as they are available.”

“I stopped by the Lime Ricki Swimwear shop in Murray to see my new suits in the store. I cannot tell you enough how fun that store is. It’s so colorful & happy. I often work with brands that are online so I don’t always get to see my prints hanging on the rack. Seeing these suits in a store just made my day.” 🌸💛

“I just love it when my sketches end up on such pretty products. The Blue Roses collection for @thefoggydog is my favorite and I’m so happy to finally have a dog bed with my pattern on it. I’ve linked a few products & I will also add them to my stories so you can see the entire collection.”

Anamaye Lanayru

“Best. Job. Ever.”


“The graphics team truly does the most — signs in-person around the zoo for events or telling you there is not an animal visible or even telling you an animal’s name and age, digital graphics (like event schedules and event invites), to our gifs, photography for food and events, educational videos, billboards, maps, brochures, and more! In fact, if you follow us on social media or if you’ve ever been to the zoo irl, there’s a 100% chance you’ve seen something designed by our graphics team.”

Sam Loertscher

“Corporate graphics. Design, production and installation.”

“Store front signage – One Way Graphic and door signage. Perforated vinyl allows for branding on the outside while letting in light on the inside.”

Andrew Malin


“Hey everyone, today marks the tenth anniversary of the publishing of Salt City Strangers – Utah’s most awesomest heroes! We can hardly believe that it’s been a decade since our first issue hit the shelves. We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our readers and fans who have supported us throughout the years. Your encouragement and love for our quirky characters and unique storyline has kept us going, and we couldn’t have made it this far without you. To celebrate this milestone, we’re working on some exciting new projects that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned for updates, and once again, thank you for being a part of our journey.”

“Free Comic Book Day sketches we gave away.”

Matt Page

“It’s been nice. A whole new audience seeing my books for the first time and I sold more than I expected. I have only three copies left of the second printing of Welcome To New Zion. Then I guess I’ll have to order more copies sometime this summer.”

Sunstone Symposium
July 27, 28, and 29 in Sand
y, UT

As for the presentation I will be a part of this year, here is the description…

In this panel discussion with artist and author Matt Page, we will explore how he critiques contemporary Mormonism through humor and satire. He embraces his religious and cultural experience while poking fun at the idiosyncrasies of Mormonism through an array of parody mashups, in which he combines mainstream pop culture and Mormon themes. By employing adaptation strategies of remix and mashup, Page draws attention to the adaptable nature of Mormon theology and practice.

James Krause, PhD manages the language lab and teaches courses in Portuguese and Brazilian studies in the Department of Languages and Cultures at Utah Valley University. He currently researches graphic novel and mashup adaptations of Brazilian literature.

Christopher Lewis, PhD is an associate professor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at the University of Utah where he teaches courses in Portuguese and Brazilian studies. Current research projects include contemporary Mormon literature.

Matt Page is a graphic designer, artist, and author. Recent work includes the graphic novel series, Future Day Saints. In 2020 he won the Association for Mormon Letters award for best comic.

Matthew Radcliffe

“Going back to illustrating. I’ve missed it as much as you have.” 🐸

Erin Salazar

“The call of the hummingbird totem will guide you to open up to love and lightness in your emotional life. When you see your totem, you are encouraged to open up your heart and expose yourself more to joy and love. It might be time to show how you feel to loved ones or people who are close to you.”

“Puffin symbolism could be letting you know that you should take some time to think of someone else instead of yourself. While caring for yourself is essential, maintaining healthy relationships with loved ones is also imperative.”

“Koala has a strong sense of family and motherhood. Showing both sides of her nature with extreme balance knowing when to growl and when to smile. Koala has the spiritual lesson of controlled emotions with a calm attitude and bringing out the wisest of outcomes. The Koala is the observer the watcher of all things below her. Through calm observation wise and just decisions are made. Koala totems are at their best when given time to meditate upon minor and major parts of their life.”

Cami Thurber

“Skeletal Obscura Deck.”

“Exciting news! I will be starting an apprenticeship to train Spider-hand tattooing! I don’t want to get ahead of myself so I’ll share details as I have them. For now, join me in my excitement! And start planning your ink!”

Miriam Volk

30 Days of Type

“Letter N.”

“Letter T.”

“Letter W.”

2023 AIGA Student Portfolio Review

When & Where
Saturday, April 15, 2023
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

97th Floor
2600 Executive Parkway #180
Lehi, UT 84043


“Student Portfolio Review is an annual event put on by AIGA Salt Lake City to prepare design students entering the workforce. Students will have the opportunity to bring their portfolios to be critiqued/reviewed by design professionals across a variety of disciplines and industries across the state. Additionally, the general public is invited to attend a portion of the event and view all of the student work showcased. We typically see recruiters and hiring managers attend this portion as they look for interns and junior designers.”

L to R: Associate Professor Virag White, Clint Cox, Janelle Aase, Elizabeth Tuohy, Aileen Dillard, Evelyn Leal. Back: Will Shiflett

Salt Lake Community College Graphic Design AAS students from the Visual Art & Design Department presented their portfolios along with students from around Utah. Associate Professor Virag White, instructor in the Graphic Design Portfolio Development class, was there to cheer on these graduating students:

Janelle Aase
Cassandra Bingham
Clint Cox
Tara Jensen
Kassidy Klinger
Evelyn Leal
Ivan Ortega
Will Shiflett
Rebecca Tovar
Elizabeth Tuohy

AIGA: Instafamous!

In the morning session, students met with three industry professionals for a review of their portfolio. These professionals shared their insights about working in the design industry in Utah, what they look for when viewing portfolios and choosing qualified candidates, and other helpful information.

At noon, a panel everyone attending was invited to attend a panel discussion of various Utah professionals. In the afternoon, students displayed their portfolios, samples, resumes, business cards for general admission observers.

Student Tara Jensen, on the right, shows off her work to a guest.

Janelle Aase (front) and Rebecca Tovar (back) ready for the review!

Ivan Ortega with his portfolio, stickers, and woodcut prints.

Kassidy Klinger with her beautiful leave-behinds.

“We are so proud of our Graphic Design AAS students for presenting at this annual review. They have worked extremely hard in the intensive Graphic Design AAS degree program, especially in the capstone classes: Package Design, Advertising Workshop and Portfolio Development. These classes really test the design talent, production skills, perseverance, and passion of dedicated graphic designers. We wish them luck with those upcoming job interviews. Your work is great!” ~ Associate Professor Kerry Gonzáles, GD&C Specialization Rep.

ALUMNI FOCUS: Brittany, Cassidy, Nadia, Amber, Alex, Sam, Anamaye, Esther, Colleen, Lacee, Erin, Chris, Miriam, Melissa

Brittany Blackburn

“Have you heard the buzz? You didn’t.” 🥀 #macrophotography#deadbug#leatherwings

Cassidy Demkov

“One of my favorite prints from my latest spring collab with The Foggy Dog. Also available online at Anthropologie. I was hoping to take some cute spring pictures with my pups but it’s still snowing here.”

“Another print from my @thefoggydog spring collection. I can’t wait to get back out in my garden. This winter has been really long and we’ve had so much snow here this year.”

“I finally have updated my website so that you can shop all of my products & collaborations. I’ve also made it so you can shop The Foggy Dog products by your favorite print. Click the link below to check them out!” 💛🌸🐶

“Another sneak peek.”

“One of my favorite parts of what I do is when I I get to collaborate with other creative women to see my sketches and prints come to life on their products. Meeting all of the incredible women Lime Ricki Swimwear made me even more excited about this collection. I can’t wait for the release so I can show you more.”

Nadia Dolzhenko

“Next one…”

Amber Giles

“A quick sketch using Procreate. Happy Earth Day!” 🌎

Alexander Hofstetter

Anamaye Lanayru

“One of the best parts of a food menu photoshoot is getting to taste test everything after.”

Sam Loertscher

“Indoor outdoor signage for a new local business in Holladay, Utah.”

Esther Longmore

“I’m back, guys! Found my creativity again!”🥰💚 Makin’ and modifying some patterns for a slowly growing collection tonight. Having so much fun and feeling happy that I’ve got my creativity back! I changed the swans background to pink and I’m loving it!”

Colleen Sanders Reynolds

“Ok so I finally did one with extra flair. The branch is from my favorite 100 yr old (at least) Sycamore trees! The fringe is crooked but doesn’t matter cuz I trim it after it’s hung so this is extra long. Sooo.”

Lacee Siler Black

“Due to popular demand our Sugar and Spice sale has been extended through the end of April. Get your spring style started with a little bit of Sugar & Spice!”

Erin Salazar

“I drew this a few days ago and I was looking up elk spiritual meanings. Interesting what I found. The elk symbolism teaches you about the need to pace yourself. You may be working too hard or overextending yourself, so learn to say no and delegate so that you don’t end up with no energy. The meaning of the elk also focuses on your strength and stamina, and your endurance for the long road ahead. You have the power to speed up or slow down, but this will depend on your energy and health levels. Just because you know you can do it doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and abuse your body. The elk appears to you when you are forgetting to take a break and subjecting your body to stress and unhealthy habits.”

“Black Cat offers you strength and flexibility. Turn to Black Cat as a Power Animal when you feel behind and need to beat the odds. You can invoke Black Cat when life brings many changes too fast and makes adaptability a necessity. The Black Cat is a confident and proud creature. It takes pride in its appearance. If you are avoiding self-care, Black Cat comes in to show you there’s no need to fear a little preening!”

Chris Van Soolen

“Not in a coloring mood, but I inked it!”

Miriam Volk

“Greetings from somewhere in Utah.” 🧡

“First time doing the @36daysoftype challenge and couldn’t decide which A to post for day 1 so here are my three favorites.” ✨

“D de día 4!” ✨🪩

“Here you go day five!!!!”

“Day seven!”

Melissa Warner

“Salty blooms blank cards.”

2023 SLCC Student Art Showcase

Poster design by Ivan Ortega, Graphic Design AAS student.

For 38 years, the Salt Lake Community College Visual Art & Design Department has organized the Student Art Showcase to display the talents of SLCC students. VAD Professor Andrew Wilson was this year’s Art Showcase Chair.

An Awards Celebration was held on Friday, March 31, 2023. The show was exhibited April 3rd through 13th in the Multipurpose Room at the South City Campus.

If guests could not make it to the on-campus exhibit, both a virtual tour and individual submissions may be seen.

See individual submissions and winners:

Walk through a virtual tour:


President Deneece Huftalin – Salt Lake Community College

Provost Clifton Sanders – Salt Lake Community College

Dean Richard Scott – School of Arts, Communication & Media

“Untitled” by Daniel Perez

“Legion” by Cory MacLeod


The four independent judges for the Showcase were invited from the working artist community and represented a wide range of art disciplines. The Committee thanks them for their expertise and time spent supporting our show!

Nick Clark
McCade Gordon
Julie Hansen
Anne-Marie Osborn

“Adventurous Youngsters” by Jude Davis

“Dream” by Daniel Perez

“Self Portrait” by Kiera Whiting

“Bud’s Bulbs” by Will Shiflett

“Wurstwater” by Will Shiflett

“The Thirty-Five-Millimeter Shrine” by Zahir

“Old Seeing Man” by Mia Escobar

“Figure in Red” by Ethan Lee

“Identity” by Jude Davis

“Like Looking in a Mirror” by Jaime Blasongame

“Bee Treats” by Alexandra Davis

“Garden Gate Path” by Beverly Roth

“We’re Not Sick” by London James

“Meditation on Imperfection” by Cody Gipson

“Button Pushers” by Weston Anderson

“Wild Lands” by Will Shiflett

“Hunt for History” by Megan Munford

“Midsummer, Driggs” by Jessica Norton

A big THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done to all students accepted into the show.

Sharyl Myers Adamson • Weston Anderson • Jeilani Arredondo • Izzy Baker • Amber Barker • Jessica Barlocker • Mackenzie Barrett • Bryan Barrios • Cristofer Beltran • Natalie Berger • Alastair Black • Mimi Black • Andrew Blake • Jaime Blasongame • Jo Bromka • Chuck Call • Luis Chavez • Alex Coleman • Savannah Coles • Blair Daines • Alexandra Davis • Jude Davis • Marla Duggins • Mia Escobar • Cody Gipson • Kenneth Gonzalez • Carol Grundmann • Grace Hahoney • Amy Hargreaves Judzis • Nathan Hauserman • London James • Jakob Johanson • Yashvi Kansagra • GiaBao Lam • Rain LaMont • Jacqueline Lankford • Ethan Lee • Ke Li • Brandon Margetts • Alex Martinez • Kevin Mead • Kamryn Mena • Andrew Michalik • Megan Munford • Angela Murdock • Owen Nielson • Jessica Norton • Ashley Nye • Ivan Ortega • Jayce Ortega • Alexis Pena • Daniel Perez • Tyler Phillips • Katherine Quintana • Marcus Reed • Guillermo Ricardo • Beverly Roth • Kyle Samer • Erin Savoie • Benjamin Schembri • Fang Shi • Will Shiflett • Christina Stanley • Melissa Stimpfle • Phoebe Thompson • Hanna Todd  • Jaylynn Trevizo • Valeria Villarroel • Marcus Walker • Kiera Whiting • Craig Wilcox • Sabrina Wilson • Zahir


Andrew Wilson – Art Showcase Chair, Website Submissions, Web Gallery, and 3D Virtual Tour

Chad Erekson – Art Showcase Co-Chair

Kerry Gonzáles – Poster Contest & Showcase Promotions

Virag White – Awards & Name Tags

Jessica Curran – Cling Signage

In addition to those above, these behind-the-scene hardworking VAD Faculty listed below, helped jury the show, hang the show, provided security, gathered awards, and once the show was over… tore it down and returned artwork.

Their dedication to our students, and preparation for the showcase, should be applauded:

Rick Graham
Whitney Hyans
Neal Reiland
Trudy Richardson
Ed Rosenberger
Don Seegmiller
Robinson Valenzuela

We would also like to than the generous support of:

Dean Richard Scott – School of Arts, Communication & Media

Bryan Griggs – VAD Associate Dean

Josh Elstein – Center for Arts & Media Coordinator

Cindy Denos – VAD Administrative Assistant

Megan Galura – VAD Specialist

SLCC Student Association

SLCC Arts & Cultural Events

We hope to see you next year for the 2024 Showcase! GREAT SHOW EVERYONE!

ALUMNI FOCUS: Paul, Derek, Ryan, Melanie, Saul, Anna, Anamaye, Matt, Katrina, Natalie, Cami, Rachel, Em, Melissa

Paul Asay

“Salt Lake City Stars pre-game closeups.”

Derek Ballard

“Logo and accompanying marks created for @shergotty_ last year. Shergotty is releasing an ep on March 30th. Head to their page for more details. Thank you @salsaparker for trusting me with this work. Excited about this project and to see where you take it.”

“Shirt design for Salt Lake Hardcore band SPENT. Thanks to Ryan for reaching out for the opportunity. This design is the result of Ryan sending me the lyrics to an unreleased song of theirs title Gatekeeper. I immediately connected with the message and the imagery quickly followed. @spent.hc is out their working hard and doing great things. Catch them at a show or give them a listen.”

Ryan Bangerter

“We did it! The #EmyandHerald Kickstarter has been fully funded! Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far! In the last 9 days of the campaign we will try to reach our first stretch goal. Which is the Emy & Herald art book! To learn more about it, and other rewards from the campaign, check out the link below.”

Melanie Bunch

“I’ve added a new design to my shop! Did I put this design up there just so I could order stuff for myself? Maaaaaaybe…

“NEW DESIGN! I’ve done this labrador in a messier, more painterly style. I’ve also kept it to just black and white, and I really like the minimalist looks this gives it!”

If you want some too, go visit!

Saul Flores

“Immersed in the rhythm 🎵 I see and capture the essence of the concrete environment to create a visual story that reflects the vibrancy and energy of urban life. Every element of the city provides a canvas to showcase the unique beauty that can be found amidst the chaos.”

Anna Florin

Anamaye Lanayru

“Making stickers! It’s so cool that we have this amazing printer at work.”

Matt Page

“Some things I made at work.”

Katrina Parkinson

“A sorceress and her raven. Concept drawing, graphite on paper.”

Natalie Roberts Lowry

“Mushroom collage with hand painted papers.”

Cami Thurber

“I am honored to announce that I have been featured by the generous and fascinating Artists Are Cool on YouTube. As many of you know, I’m not great at screen and/or photographic interactions. This project pushed my comfort boundaries but it was worth it. I’m so excited to share my Artists Are Cool with you.” and on my website at

Rachel Tonkovich

“Just like when I was a student, I always make 3D dummies of large print projects. This not only helps me visualize how the print will look in 3D space, but it also helps the client see what the final result will look like. I think clients sometimes have a hard time picturing the final result of a flat-looking illustrator file, so dummies are essential! Here are the dummies I made for the vending machine project.”

Em Veylupek

“Sticker Illustration for work Pt. 1.”

“Sticker Illustration for work Pt. 2.”

“Sticker Illustration for work Pt. 3.”

Melissa Warner

“Blue butterfly”

“Portrait of Joey.”

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Derek & Brighton, Ryan, Melanie, Sylvia, Alissa, Matt, Hudson, Ingrid, Miriam, Lacee, Melissa

Davin Abegg

“Some sketches of ladies I’ve done recently. Been thinking about moving back to physical medias now that I’ve had a bunch of digital practice the past few years.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“Feeling flattered to have Hallagans do such a cool feature on the printing arm of our studio Riso Geist.”

From Hallagan Business Machines:

“Meet: Riso Geist. This Salt Lake City based risograph studio is run by Derek and Bright Ballard. Running 16 colors across 4 duplicators, this risograph studio is turning out some incredible work.”

A big thank you to Nate Burridge for the beautiful photos and to Derek and Brighton for sharing their sunny space and beautiful work with us! ~ The Hallagans Team

Ryan Bangerter

“BIG NEWS!! The Emy & Herald Kickstarter will launch Monday, February 27th!

If you signed up for the email list expect an email from me that day. One lucky winner will receive a FREE digital copy of the book when it releases later this year!

There are still 2 more days to sign up if you would like to enter to win the free copy, or if you would just like to be informed of the project.”

Here is the link:

Melanie Bunch

“A two-sided flyer that I just completed. One of the biggest challenges of this project was in creating all of the color swatches for the sheepskin. I had one large piece that I photographed at all kinds of different angles and lighting to try and capture the texture. Then I altered the best photo in Photoshop 11 times to make all of the right colors.”

“I also wrote and/or edited together most of the copy.”

“It’s finally open! Announcing the launch of my art merchandise shop! While the platform I chose ( is a little clunky to navigate for shoppers, they do offer a wide variety of products at fairly reasonable prices.”

“There are T-shirts, stickers, mugs, blankets, shower curtains, notebooks – it’s got a lot! I haven’t set up every design to sell on every item, so let me know if there’s something you really wish was in there.”

Check out my shop here:

Sylvia Bunker

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Unas cartas nuevas que llegaron hoy. Que piensas?”

“Made a few love cards in Spanish. The last one is my favorite. Mis guelitos always called each other mi media naranja. It will forever make me think of them.”

“A few more new cards that showed up this week. The first one makes me smile every time. I have this thing for calaveras. Anyone else?”

Alissa Hicks

“Check out this cool shot I did with one of our photographers and concept artists for the current SAB catalog. This was such a fun concept to do! Love how it (and that whole catalog) came out!”

Matt Page

“After Arnold Friberg.”

Hudson Parkinson

“Hudson has spent the last two weeks lamenting over his Apple Pencil that when missing. For a digital painter that’s equivalent to a wizard losing his magic! Luckily, it eventually turned up and he is back at it again! Here is one of his latest pieces. Enjoy!”

Lacee Siler Black

“Feeling festive today it’s all this work for next month.”

“Did you know the Japanese celebrate a holiday for girls on March 3? Hina Matsuri or Girls’ Day is a celebration of dolls and all things feminine. Please check out and grab yourself one of my girls’ day post cards and enjoy this adorable Japanese holiday!”

Ingrid Shoemaker

“It’s time. New scrunchies are live and limited edition! Run to now to snatch your faves before they’re gone. 🦋🤍 These will not be restocked.” 💔

Miriam Volk

“My memories, my story.” ⌛️

“Love vibes” ♥️

Melissa Warner

“Tone / value studies from a video by @parkablogs #watercolor, black ink and white gel pen.”

“Wet in wet floral studies” #watercolor

“#watercolor experiment. I actually painted it with the black part as the sky, but like it better upside down!”

2023 SLCC Student Art Showcase Poster Design Contest Winner

The Student Art Showcase Committee would like to congratulate Ivan Ortega for placing first in the Poster Design Contest. Ivan is a Graphic Design AAS student in the Visual Art & Design Department. Be sure to look for his design to grace posters, banners and electronic signage throughout the Salt Lake Community College campuses.

SLCC students can submit artwork online March 1-13, 2023.
Beginning Wednesday, March 1, use the button below to submit your artwork.

Awards Presentation
Friday, March 31, 2023 / 6 p.m.
Salt Lake Community College
Multipurpose Room
1575 South State Street / SLC, UT

Exhibit Dates
April 3 – 13, 2023
Salt Lake Community College
Multipurpose Room
1575 South State Street / SLC, UT

Monday through Friday / 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Paul, Ryan, Elizabeth, Melanie, Cassidy, Nadia, Kesia, Matt, Hudson, Katrina, Norah, and Melissa

Davin Abegg

“Some favorite drawings I’ve done so far this year.”

Paul Asay

“Missin’ Sunny Skies and Sunday Yellows.” 💛☀️

Ryan Bangerter

“A commission I did a few weeks ago of Madeline & Badeline from #Celeste for my nephew Logan.”

Elizabeth Brown

“New year! New gig! Excited to join the team at Love Communications as Art Director!”

Melanie Bunch

“Happy Lunar New Year!”

“Artwork that I did! It will be on t-shirts, will be modified for the medals at the event, and I’ll also be designling a poster for the event later this week!”

Cassidy Demkov

“New stamp created from one of my floral illustrations.” 💛

“All set up Salt & Honey on 9th & 9th and will have a small set up at Fashion Place mall for their Valentine’s market that starts tomorrow. I have Valentine’s cards that are perfect for anyone.”

Nadia Dolzhenko

“We drew cotton today.”

“Online class with Likh School.”

Kesia Timoteo Nielsen

Keen Studio

Matt Page

“I drew this for you.”

“Today’s post-workday wind down drawing.”

“Self portrait.”

Hudson Parkinson

“Another digital piece inspired by my short story currently in progress ‘Shade Hollow’.”

Katrina Parkinson

“An appropriate piece to post on a serene snowy day. Have you ever noticed how quiet it gets when it snows? If you stop and listen, you can almost hear the sound of the falling snowflakes. Graphite drawing from my sketchbook.”

Norah Strebel

“I’m testing out my new toy, a mini laser engraver! Soon I’ll be offering custom engraving for all sorts of wooden objects!”

Melissa Warner

“Avocado 🥑 from a tutorial by @e_olson_art#watercolor#watercolorpainting#100dayproject

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