Alumni Focus: Paul, Ryan, Lacee, Anna, Amber, Alexander, Esther, Norah, Jen, Rachel, Lauren

Paul Asay

“We built a new photo studio at @walkeredisonco this year. The shots the team is getting in the new space are amazing. It is truly remarkable how far our images have come in the past 3 years.”

Ryan Bangerter

“This is Herald. The other main character from the graphic novel I’m writing. Herald is 1 part evil imp and 2 parts adorable. Don’t let his cuteness deceive you. He has one wicked personality!”

“This is Emy, one of the main characters of the graphic novel I am currently writing. Emy is a 13 year old with a wild imagination, and a dark sense of humor.”

Lacee Siler Black

“Have been mostly quiet this year with all the upheaval that 2020 has brought (not just generally, but for me personally). Thought I’d share a throw back to two months ago. This was a little flyer I threw together for a neighborhood social event in September. Happy fall everyone.”

Anna Florin


Amber Giles

“Sunday Night Lettering. 📝🖊. . .Although the last several months have been trying for all of us in a plethora of ways, I’ve been reflecting today on gratitude and the good things that have happened. There is a lot to be grateful for, even though it can be hard to see sometimes. So keep your eyes open and you’ll be amazed at what tender mercies come your way.” 🙂❤️

Alexander Hofstetter

“Walking out and about, ascending and descending mountains, crossing rivers and streams, I have painted 250+ small paintings this year in solitude. A selection of approximately 1/3rd of these are now on display at the Urban Arts Gallery, November 3 – 29th at the Gateway, 116 S Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.”

Esther Longmore

“Just my latest pattern. This could work in my living room. I might need to order fabric.” 🤗

Norah Strebel

“I got a new batch of dog themed fabric in! SO many cute new face masks for sale now. New lower prices to make the perfect stocking stuffers this year!”

Jen Terry

“I felt inspired to make a a doodle tonight.”

Rachel Tonkovich

“I can do dogs, too! 🐕🐩🐈 Here’s Sushi, Sally, Mika, and Benito.”

Teako Warfield-Graham

“Pretty honored to be invited to mentor new tech grads tonight for the U of Utah. I just said yes! Because I love this education, but then realized I’d been asked alongside tech directors at Adobe, Fidelity, Vivent, & The State of Utah. As a woman of color in tech, it’s a nice moment of inclusion to see my name with the “big guys.” #feelingproud#womenintech🤓❤️

Lauren Waters

“Say cheese! 📷 Remember using actual cameras to take photos and waiting to use the whole roll of film before getting it developed at your local pharmacy? I do.”

“Pick a pair of pretty pears. 🍐🍐Pretty patterned pears. @ American Crafts”

Alumni Focus: Maaike, Anna Marie, Cassidy, Anna, Alissa, Matt, Katrina & Hudson, Erin, Norah, Jen, Em, & Lauren

Maaike Bennett

“I drew a happy Garden Witch, because to me those who can successfully grow things are filled with their own kind of magic.” 🙂

Anna Marie Coronado

“Halloween painting for class! Happy Halloween!”

Cassidy Demkov

“Cute baby outfit available at Nordstrom’s. Pattern designed by 🙋🏻‍♀️.

“It snowed and feels cold enough to be winter so I guess it’s not too soon to share a peek at one of my holiday cards. They will be available next month. I’m just busy prepping all sorts of cards and gift items for the @saltandhoneymarket Christmas market now. I am not a huge fan of traditional Christmas colors so this is how I ease myself into the holidays.”

“A little reminder… #vote

Anna Florin

“Happy National Art Day.” ✨✨✨

“New WIP.”

Alissa Hicks

“As most of you know, I am working on a side business. I’ve finally put in steps to start an Etsy shop. It’s still a work in progress, but here is the link:

Matt Page

“Sneak peek of the new Future Day Saints book I’m working on. I wanted a page at the beginning to remind the reader of all the main characters.”

“Another nice review of my Future Day Saints book. I made this guy’s top ten of the year list.”

Chris’s Favorite Books on Mormonism
By Christopher Angulo

4. Future Day Saints: Welcome to New Zion by Matt Page: Everything about this book is great: the creator did everything on his own; the art is the best (I’m particularly fond of the various depictions of “the Celestial Son”); the stories are light and inspiring; the physical quality of the book is sturdy, and the art is the best! You can order this book from his Etsy page:

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

“Hudson Parkinson Aka @kayamir_lockrite created a new plague doctor to add to his October series. Beautifully made with black, white and gold. This one definitely has a Renaissance feel to it!” ~ Hudson

“Inktober Day #17. Only and joy and a half late! I’ve always loved drawing with graphite. Over the last few years I’ve spent more time working on my pen and ink skills. Every now and then I’ll merge the two mediums and I’ve always loved it. So I’m thinking I’ll be using more of my Inktober days to experience with pen and graphite together.” ~ Katrina

Erin Salazar

“Vacation means more time for art.”

Norah Strebel

“Spooky! Ittttt’s Baaaack! For limited time only, Ghost Dog tees! New shirt styles and colors!” Barks Out Loud

Jen Terry

“Vote you beautiful mermaids!” #mermaidsvote #vote2020

Em Veylupek

Digital Art

Lauren Waters

…she said to herself unconvincingly. This Monday feels like a Monday. I’ve been up for an hour and have yet to get out of bed. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Gonna rally here in a minute, but I probably won’t be smiling!”

“And now for something completely different… A bit more moody, a bit more fall. 🍂🌻🌾 This is from the Marigold collection, a fall release for @maggiehdesign . This was my first collection with Maggie and it was so much fun designing so many beautiful and whimsical elements. Lots of florals and critters! 💕 I’ll share more in the coming weeks, but in the meantime you can find the Marigold collection online.”

Alumni Focus: Davin, Ryan, Alisa, Natalee, Anna Marie, Helen, Molly, Ruben, Andrew, Esther, Matt, & Jen

Davin Abegg

“Thought it was time to post a few recent favorite drawings of mine. Not doing Inktober this year cause I’m too busy drawing followers.”

Ryan Bangerter

“Inktober Day 14: ArmorThis one was extremely fun 😁😁😁…maybe too much fun.” 🥴🥴

“Inktober Day 12: Slippery”

Alisa Bishop Bradley

“I had the excellent fortune to do the cover for this extremely chill rpg album!”

Natalee Cooper Chilton

“Dinner is served. VOTE with a side of – you have a voice, use it!”

Anna Marie Coronado

“Inktober 2020 Days 13 and 12,’Dune’ and ‘Slimy”’

“Inktober 2020 Day 11 “Disease”’

Helen Cox

“It’s surreal to have my logo design on 9th & 9th in SLC! 🤯 @9thand9thbookandmusic opens soon, right next to Tower Theater, and it’s gonna be so cool! Give them a follow on Instagram and stay tuned!”

Molly Dallimore

“More progress on my current project.”

Ruben De La Torre


Andrew Malin

“Here is a spooky zombie version of The Eraser, everyone’s favorite Batman villain. Happy Inktoberween! For real, I love wacky 60’s DC characters like the Eraser.”

Esther Longmore

“A little Halloween pattern I designed over the weekend. The bat is my favorite. “It’s freakin’ bats!”

Matt Page

“Here are some illustrations of my new kitty.”

Jen Terry

“Day’s late on this Inktober prompt but I’ve been really busy this week. #8 Teeth”

“Inktober day 10! Getting caught up.”

“Hey guy’s, just a friendly reminder here if haven’t done so already, vote!”

ALUMNI FOCUS: Derek, Brighton, Cassidy, Ruben, Anna, Amber, Kim, Esther, Katrina, Missy, Lauren

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“We dropped a new cap over at @neuergeist last week. Available online now: the Sego Lily Five Panel hat. ✌🏼 Rust-colored ripstop material (inspired by Utah’s red rock) with our original Sego Lily design embroidered on the front panel, and a woven label on the right hand side. Buy it with a sego lily pin if you want, put the pin in the hat even! We won’t say anything if you don’t….”

Cassidy Demkov

“Working on restocking Salt & Honey Market.

Ruben De La Torre

“Puffin’ Poetic Panda” 🐼 “Experimenting with line, shape and color on the computer.” 🎨

Anna Florin

“Just finished a 72-hour painting marathon for this great space at Hopkins Brewery.”

Amber Giles

Inktober Catch up.
Day 7: Fancy
Day 8: Teeth
Day 9: Throw
Sketched first with pencil then traced with @tombowusa markers.

Kim Jeppson

“Hey! I just wanted to share some of the stuff I’ve been working on over the last several months. I have an online shop on Redbubble where I’ve got a number of designs that can be made into anything from stickers to face masks, shirts to clocks and tons more. I’ve had a lot of fun doing different spirit animals, retro patterns, and just random, fun illustrations. It’s been a sort of artistic sandbox for me just to play in and have fun so I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy looking at them, too!”

Esther Longmore

“This is what I did during General Conference today.” 🤗

“Had to illustrate a print to go with my pattern. Would you display this in your home?”

Katrina Parkinson

“2020 Plague Doctor. Fitting, wouldn’t you say? Yes, yes it is. Inktober day #2 complete!”

Inktober Day #9. Quality control came back today, yay! I have been In West Yellow Stone Montana today enjoying nature. And of course all of the beautiful wildlife that comes with it. We passed within just a couple of feet from two grazing Bison this evening. So beautiful, I decided that they were to be my inspiration for tonight’s Inktober.

“Inktober Day#10. Black cat for the spooky season. The photo is not great, My hotel is dimly lit, but it will do as proof that I made it to day #10 of Inktober!”

Lauren Waters

“Friday Florals! 🌼 Fall is still creeping along in Utah, but thankfully things will take a very fall-ish turn over the weekend. Just in time, too! I’ve got all kinds of Halloween-y stuff to do.” 🍂 @ Bountiful, Utah

Missy Van Wagoner

“I am starting a art/book class tomorrow and would love if you could ask your little kids: If they could be any animal what would it be? Why?”

Alt press fest 2020

This fall, Alt Press Fest returns for a week of live, online events. The 12th Annual Alt Press Fest will celebrate local zines and DIY publishing with readings from local creators, a virtual open mic, and a presentation from the Historical Graffiti Society.

You can also sign up for a mail-order mystery pack full of locally-produced zines, stickers, and other printed goodies — delivered straight to your mailbox! (while supplies last.)

To order your zine pack and to find the schedule of virtual events, visit

Be sure to check out these virtual events!

Comix Reading and Performance
by Madisyn DelPorto
Tue, Oct 13, 6–7pm

A multimedia reading by cartoonist Madisyn DelPorto. Check out Madisyn’s work at

Everybody Writes!
Open Mic Night Zine Reading
Wed, Oct 14, 7–8:30pm

Zinesters and writers can share their work, or just be part of the audience. Hosted by the SLCC Community Writing Center.

Teen Zine Reading
Sat, Oct 17, 2–3pm

A reading and chat with local teen creators, hosted by our teen Librarians and Grid Zine Fest. All ages are welcome to observe and ask questions at this inclusive event.

The Traveling Type: Hoboes in Print
Sat, Oct 17, 3:30–4:30pm

The Historic Graffiti Society presents a brief and fascinating history of the American Hobo through print and photographs.

ALUMNI FOCUS: Keith, Nadya, Sam, Esther, Heleman, Matt, Erin, Norah, Jen, Rachel, Missy & Lauren

Keith Beard

“I’m very fortunate to work for Cirque. They have let me stretch my skills to go further than I thought possible. Check out one of the many videos I’ve produced. It really is awesome to do it all – video, photography, graphics, After Effects, and even deep voice overs. Ha! Some stock video but you can see my hand modeling.”

Pushing and pulling phase. Progression.” #artistkeif

Nadya Bratt

Quick winter promo I did for my buddy Chad Kirkland last year. Make sure to check out his brand new site, it’s looking awesome.”

Sam Loertscher

Oh and give us a follow on Instagram and here if you haven’t.”  😬#logo #branding #vehiclegraphics and #signage for new company

Esther Longmore

Super basic, but I’m experimenting with gouache paint! This is one of my quarterly goals at work so hopefully I have a chance to get better at it.

“IDK if this is finished, but I am for the night.” 😆

Heleman Martinez

Did a cheerfully modern logo and business card design for a client in Oregon, Coleman & Barlow Home Group. Their slogan is “Find your happy place.” I can get behind that. Can’t wait to see them in print!” #logo #logodesigns #typography #businesscards #graphicdesign @ Riverton, Utah

Matt Page

New drawing, testing out the halftone effect in the new Procreate update. Also been listening to a podcast that talks about black and white comics a lot, so I thought I’d play with that too.


Hey Future Day Saints fans, the first series of FDS trading cards are available now in my Etsy shop. Every year I will put out another 9 card series highlighting different characters from the books. Also each series will feature 3 cards with art by some of my cool artist friends. This first series feature card designs from Rob Cooke, Eleora Glasheen, and Sean Hennefer.

Erin Salazar

Finished this beauty today.” 🌈🤍💜🐾

Norah Strebel

Bark Out Loud decals and t-shirts.

Jen Terry

Please vote!

Day number 3 of Inktober! Bulky.

Rachel Tonkovich

I’m in the pet portrait business now! Message me and you, too, can have a custom racheltonk creation!” 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰

Missy Van Wagoner

LDS COLORING PAGE Joseph Smith Doctrine and Covenants Restoration First Vision Illustration.

Lauren Waters

“Just some pretty products to cap off this little @pinkpaislee collection. Cards, ephemera, alphabet stickers, stamps, etc.” 🦉🦊

ALUMNI FOCUS: Ryan, Jordan, Natalee, Cassidy, Erin, Jenna & Lauren

Ryan Bangerter

Halloween anyone?

Trying out new ways to color lines.

Jordan Bautista

Mt. Olympus designs.

Natalee Cooper Chilton

Drew my girl for the Drawn Together Challenge.

Cassidy Demkov

“Grateful Floral Greeting Card” Salt & Honey.

“The days are getting shorter and it’s cooling down a bit, which has been wonderful. Although I do love Fall I don’t really love the darkness and cold that comes with it. It seems like so many people love Fall but I’m definitely a Spring-Summer lover. Which is your favorite season and what do you love about it? Image is my Spring Meadow print for @sondeflor

Erin Salazar

Loved being part of this enormous project. So proud of my teammates working their butts off to get this website up! It’s beautiful.

And another…” 💁‍♀️

Sharing some of my quarantine art.

Jenna Warby

“The holidays are coming up fast, pick up one of our awesome August Collaboration Collection series shirts – they make for the perfect gift! Even better, keep an eye on our site as our September shirts will be dropping soon.”

Look good, feel good. ICYMI: our tees are the softest, original artist designed shirts out there! Pick up a few new fits on our site and see what we mean for yourself.” 👊👀 Shop for all the goodies at

Lauren Waters

A couple patterns for a collection called Again & Again, released last fall by @americancrafts and @pinkpaislee. Probably the first floral I ever attempted that I didn’t want to immediately delete from my computer… I love – and hate – the challenge of trying new things and cultivating different skills. Since this pattern, I’ve become much more fond of creating florals! 🌹

“Daisies for days… Did you know Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom named their baby girl Daisy? As in DAISY BLOOM??” 🌼💕

“If I married @thekillers Brandon Flowers (unlikely), my name would be Lauren Waters Flowers, and I would just LOVE THAT. 💦💐 Ah well… @ American Crafts”
Some rainbows for what has been a bleak and dreary morning. 🌈 And not just because of the poor air quality and cloudy skies. ☁️ @ American Crafts

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Ryan, Keith, Ruben, Amber, Ben, Katrina, Bri, Jen, Cami, & Clayton

Davin Abegg

The spooky season is near and it’s starting to show in my drawings.” 🎃😈

Ryan Bangerter

“Quick sketch for the day.”

Keith Beard

Planting the seeds for growth. Quick sketch on what I’ve been thinking about. Am I using my talents to bring beauty to our world? Or am I marking art that reflects being a victim of circumstances and wallowing in the gloom?

Ruben De La Torre


Amber Giles

Hand lettering recreated.

Ben Heighton

“New design up in my Destroy Brand Graphics threadless shop – i cAn’T brEAtHe!”

Katrina Parkinson

Tonight wrapped up our six week virtual, beginner watercolor workshop! What a fun course this was, I had eleven very talented, hard working students! Here is a sampling of just a few of the pieces we created in this course! Tomorrow I will post more info about the Intermediate virtual watercolor workshop so stay tuned!

Black Rabbit Studios had another successful virtual paint night for the city of Copperton last night! Thank to all of my participants and to Tessa Stitzer for booking the evening for some creativity! I think I will now have to offer this paint night for the people of Tooele County!” #becreative #paintnight #tooelecounty #virtualartclass #learntopaint #artstudio

Bri Petrilla

“Throwback – a branding guideline book I updated and redesigned for my company a couple months ago.” 📚

A tip sheet I made for my company.” 🙂

Logo I designed for Leni Jensen Crow! I wanted to make sure the logo mark was personalized yet still incorporated a clear real estate message. I created an L for Leni’s name with a house made out of negative shapes.

Jen Terry


Cami Thurber

“Fox is pretty thrilled with my new hobby. I made him a Gravity Falls themed kaleidoscope pyrography piece burned into a log. So much fun!”

“Apollo box (another Fox request). I love pyrography!”

Clayton Whitehead

“It’s been a while since I’ve painted any environments. So I decided to brush up with some landscape studies.”


2020 SLCC Graduation Online!

2020 Salt Lake Community College
Commencement Ceremony 


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic SLCC held a virtual commencement. Many submitted video stories to share. Please watch and enjoy each and every one of our Graphic Design & Communications graduates!

We are so very proud of all our Graphic Design & Communications graduates and wish them all the best! After working hard to get here… they deserve it!


For more stories, photos and graduate listings see the Commencement Program here:


ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Keith, Melanie, Amber, Sam, Katrina, Bri, Ingrid, Stephanie, Peterson, & Em

Davin Abegg

Another batch of recent favs I’ve done. Also, just passed the 2,000 follower mark at @idrawrandomfollowers woot!

“Ok, why not. Here’s a few recent ones I like that I haven’t shared here yet.” #faceyourart #faceyourartchallenge #faceyourart2020

Keith Beard

“Sometimes our fears are not as bad as we think they are. Just big opportunities waiting to show their power in helping us grow as a person. Growth can be learning to be kind to the things that scare you. Be kind in a world that seems scary.”

Melanie Bunch

“I just completed the first draft of the cover design for this year’s Product Guide (catalog) for my company. My new design is on the right, compared to their previous design on the left. I feel like mine is an improvement.”

Here is an example of the inside of the Product Guide I am creating at my job. The top one is their previous design, the bottom one is my update. The empty swatches on my version are due to new fabrics that haven’t arrived yet to be photographed.

So far, they seem to be pretty happy with the new design!”

“Just finished the shirt design for this year’s Burning Phoenix TKD Camp! Which will be much less “in tents” than usual….

I’m super happy about the design of this shirt, it is one of the prettiest shirts I’ve ever made. Like all of our Summer Camp shirts, it glows in the dark – see below for how it looks in daylight, and in the dark!

And if you haven’t seen the post on the Burning Phoenix School Page, you should go read it! But also, you can order your shirt here:

Amber Giles

“Late night lettering.” ✏️📓

“Are you a fan of delicious flavor? I recently made these magnets, stickers and prints of two of my favorite Psych quotes! They are currently available for purchase. Message me if you’re interested!” 😁🍍🚙

Sam Loertscher

“Created and installed two logos for Wagstaff Crane today for their new #corporate office. #corporatebranding #lettering #signage

Katrina Flores Parkinson

“‘A Song For The Forest’ has been accepted into the Eccles annual state wide competition in Ogden. Excited!” #asongfortheforest #oilpainting #artistsoninstagram #artnouveau #illustration #fantasyart #fantasy #painting #fineart #portraitpainting

“So interesting news! You all remember a few days ago I announced that my latest painting “A Song For The Forest” was accepted into the Eccles 46th statewide art competition. Turns out, that painting was not accepted. But it’s okay! Because my other entry “Ethereal” was accepted! The art center just got the names of my painting swapped 😂 but I got to go see my painting hanging and lots of other amazing pieces of art tonight!”

Bri Petrilla

“This is a logo and updated brand guidelines I made for a local photographer. She wanted her logo to be simple and clean, and also tie in with topography and exploration so the lines in the logo represent a topographical map.”

Ingrid Shoemaker

“New printables at 🌅
Comes with 2 files so you can choose between 8×10 and 11×14.” 🌄

“Shop the Hope Collection today and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to @ourrescue in the fight to end #humantrafficking for #worlddayagainsttrafficking

Human trafficking happens all over the world, and in every state.
There are 30 million people currently in slavery, with approximately 10 million of those being children 💔

@ourrescue just rescued their 4,000th survivor, which is so amazing! But there are so many more out there that are desperate for freedom.

So visit @ourrescue to learn more about their rescue efforts and aftercare programs, and how they assist law enforcement in taking down the rings that have harmed so many people.” 💙

Stephanie Smith


Peterson Timothy

“Honored to have three logos chosen to be in Book 12. Humbled to be amongst so many talented friends.”

Em Veylupek


#acrylicpainting #acrylicpouring #abstractart


Art & Design Group