Alumni Focus: Lacee, Christopher, Cassidy, Karli, Anna, Anamaye, Matt, and Missy

Lacee Black

“Laying low this week to allow myself to relax and enjoy the holidays with my love ones. Here’s a little flyer I was asked to do for a neighborhood Christmas party. I’m really pleased with the layout of the header they wanted. I feel like my type layout skills have definitely improved over time!”

“Had the pleasure of creating another shirt for my kiddo. (I can see my growth with every step). So on this Christmas Eve 2021…..To all my friends, family, etc. “Merry Christmas, y’a Filthy Animal!”” 🎄🎄

Christopher Clark

And Merry Christmas to you and yours! Enjoy one of my last productions! 🙂 Kinda has a Christmas story in it.” 🙂

Cassidy Demkov

“I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spent with their loved ones. I wish you all peace, joy and happiness in the coming year. Thank you for all of your love and support this year.”

Karli Duisen

“Some stained glass critters I made for the critter lovers in my life.” 💕

“Another little critter for that special someone who doesn’t have any pets.” 😆✨

Anna Florin

“Lil’ digipainting of my beautiful mother, age 15.” ❤️

Anamaye Lanayru

“Merry Christmas to my loved ones far and near. May your day be blessed and full of cheer.” ❤️

Matt Page

“Drew this last night of my character Kinderhook from Future Day Saints. Not sure why, just started doodling and this came out.” #futuredaysaints

“Merry Christmas!”

Missy Van Wagoner

“We got our first snow a few days ago and it feels like it is officially the Christmas/ winter holiday! It’s so fun what wonder snow brings and joy to my boys. It’s pretty peaceful.What could make it better? I’m so glad you asked! Hello rainbow and unicorn meet frosty the snowman and a whole new winter wonderland. Now that would be aDream. Come. True.Happy Winter Wonderland friends!”

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